Hi, I am Chenghong Li

Master at Stony Brook University

Coding is my job but not all of my life.
I am willing to try something new and make my life colorful.

About Myself

I am Chenghong Li, currently master student in Computer Science at Stony Brook University.

My interests are mainly focused on Web, including its structure, development, security and maintenance. Although I have to perform like a full-stack developer, my favorite part is back-end development. Currently, I have enrolled a project researching vulnerabilities of well-known PHP web applications. Also, I am building my personal website together with another one for an interest group.

My preferred developing language is Java since I use Java and Spring framework for development website most, while I use C, Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and Prolog as well.

In my daily life, I enjoy the procedure of cooking and love the tastes of traditional Chinese foods. I prefer to select mixed spices and apply them to cuisine properly, which removes odor and stimulates your appetite. Travel is my other passion. Relax myself and enjoy pleasing sights, why not to do this?